Gkay leaves an interview after Sônia Abram’s criticism and vents: "don’t know what to say"

Gkay lost patience with Sonia Abram during an interview and harshly criticized the journalist, who runs the program “The Afternoon Is Yours” at TV network. Using the station’s microphone, she rebutted the statements given by the presenter a few weeks ago, who called her “ridiculous” for the expenses foreseen for the realization of her “Fafofa” this year.

So far, the influencer had not commented on the criticism she received from Sonia. During an interview, she did not contain herself and spoke about it, making her irritation clear.

“She doesn’t even know what she was talking about. So find out, love, what you’re talking about first,” she said loudly. She then calls the show hosted by Sonia “her shit show*”, leaving the mic with the interviewer and leaving.

The video went viral on Instagram pages dedicated to celebrities on Tuesday (14/06), and in the comments, most defended Gkay and criticized Sonia’s attitude.

remember the case

Sonia Abrão used her space on RedeTV! to talk about the costs of “Farofa”, a party organized by Gkay. The influencer herself had declared that this year’s production would reach about 8 million reais, which angered the journalist.

“Look, you to say that you are going to spend R$ 8 million on a party, in a country where people are dying of hunger, is a lack of conscience. If you are so powerful, you spend 4 (millions), which is what it seems that the party costs, and the other 4 you help a social plan for distributing food to people who are in need”, began Sonia at the time.

She added: “I don’t think it fits in a moment like this, so delicate and so difficult. We are in a country where people are out of work, where people are starving. , mouth to hand on conscience and stop being ridiculous”.

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