Gkay asks fans for opinions about Felipe Neto and takes a surprising reversal of the influencer

Followers send messages to GKay’s mother and influencer replies: ‘My mother called me desperate’

Gkay has been involved in some controversies. The comedian did not please netizens with the transformation in appearance and then left fans worried by reacting to her before and after. However, on Wednesday night (22), GKay scolded followers after they sent messages to the influencer’s mother.

In another live, she explained: “My mother called me desperate to find out what had happened, because there were several people texting her, saying that she was supposed to help me, that I was upset, saying that I was drunk, that I was drugged. I was just singing and dancing here.”

“Imagine having a daughter who is far away and then messages come from random people on the internet like this to my mother, as if I were crazy, taking medicine”, he added.

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