Giuseppa, the darling of Paga des " Marseillais ", has health problems: we tell you everything about his illness!

“The health point of the day” for blogger Aquababe is to give news of Giuseppa on his Instagram social network. The candidate has some health problems, but nothing too serious, she will recover according to the blogger. “For little Giu little point of health, in fact, she developed Epstein-barr which is a disease of the same family as mononucleosis. It’s already healing but it’s been a very very long time since she had it. It has nothing to do with his weight loss. It’s nothing serious according to her. “The young woman will pass very soon (on January 26) a “scan” for “her gallbladder, her liver and her stomach”. The blogger ends by concluding “But don’t worry, she already feels much better. Giuseppa will therefore undergo a series of examinations to take stock of his health. We don’t have any more details, however it turns out it’s just a check-up. We support the candidate in these difficult times because even when the disease is mild, it is never easy to live with.

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Giuseppa is a woman with a strong character. She recently ranted on social media. Always very natural, the young woman always tells the truth to her subscribers. This is also what makes its strength and its charm. On her Youtube channel, she talks openly about her mental health, her weight or even her sometimes atopic skin. Much appreciated for her sincerity, she won the hearts of Internet users, who adore her. Not too long ago, she spoke on Snapchat about a sudden weight loss that led her to see a medical professional. Maybe soon the one who considers herself Hilona’s little sister will say more about her Epstein-barr disease, without filter and with a smile!

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