Giuseppa, Paga’s companion, accused of having had a one-night stand with Greg Yega, her man’s best friend!

If the couple Paga Giuseppa is torn on the screen in “Les Apprentis Aventuriers”, the two lovebirds have largely reconciled since the end of filming. More complicit than ever, the duo now spins the perfect love. So that some rumors about a possible pregnancy ignite the Web. On social networks, the star of the Rest of the World recently displayed his companion in front of baby items at the pharmacy. In addition, she also wished Father’s Day with a photo of her darling… Strange.

To top it off, Giuseppa broached the subject of “baby” in his latest YouTube video. While a user asked him: “ Do you have any children’s projects with Paga? “, she replied:” Inevitably we still have plans for children, it’s normal since we live together all the time and he’s the man of my life and I’m the woman of his life. We know that we want to end our life together, it would be ridiculous to say that we have no plans for children or so weird. Of course we talk about it. Now to schedule a date on my calendar, I didn’t schedule in my calendar when we were going to have a child “. Is this a way of saying that Giuseppa and Paga will soon welcome a “surprise baby”? Case to follow.

“Greg Yega would have slept with Giuseppa”

But while the lovers live on a small cloud, a terrible rumor has come to disturb their happiness. @miloss_tv said on his Twitter account: “ Greg Yega would have slept with Giuseppa, according to the cousin of Maeva Ghennam. Which would explain their estrangement for some time… If that’s true, madness! What make Giuseppa very angry. This Monday, June 20, 2022, the young woman therefore seized her social networks in order to put an end to these rantings. ” Alright, are you done? With your bullshit headlines? Frankly, you have nothing better to do than to invent lives for people, seriously? Bunch of rotten people, wanting to hurt people who don’t even know you and who haven’t done anything to you! That is what is said!


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