Giuseppa (LMvsMonde6) separated from Paga since her departure for the shooting of the Marseillais, she cracks again

Giuseppa complexed by his body? She confided. At the moment, the young woman is passing her driving license, which allows her to occupy her mind and not to think too much about her darling Paga, who is gone on the set of the next season of Marseillais, in Mexico. Separated for a few weeks, the lovebirds, who began their love affair in Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, do not live it very well. Alone at home, Giuseppa has repeatedly confided her discomfort on social networks. And on November 17, 2021, she broke down again, as you can see in the video above.

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Paga et Giuseppa – Credit (s): Instagram @giuseppacrl

“I was driving a while ago and I had a big slack” she told in her Instagram story. “Always for the same thing, it’s true that I have a lot of trouble dealing with the fact that Paga isn’t here, isn’t with me, that we’re far from each other. is the first time that this happens to us, suddenly I had a big slack and a big blow of fatigue too I think, big stress. Lots of things that have accumulated suddenly “.

Paga also thinks a lot about Giuseppa

Fortunately, her boyfriend thinks about her a lot. Besides, Paga, who is madly in love with Giuseppa, made a statement to him. While some did not believe in their relationship, all this proves that between them, it is serious. It remains to be seen whether the production of Marseillais will allow them to meet again during the adventure or not.

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