Giuseppa (LMvsMonde6) is revealed naturally, internet users love

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Lately on the Web, Jessica Thivenin unveiled pictures of her not very advantageous, which did not fail to make Internet users react. More and more, reality TV candidates let themselves be seduced by the natural and this is precisely the case of Thibault Garcia’s wife who appeared without makeup or filter on Instagram. Like her, Giuseppa followed the trend and wanted to show her true face to her 825,000 followers. During a new product placement for a lingerie brand, Paga’s sweetheart took her courage in both hands by revealing herself naturally with her imperfections.

Already in the past, the young woman was displayed without any make-up, an initiative hailed by Internet users at the time. Today Giuseppa renews the experience as you can see in the photo above and The fact that she didn’t try to cover up her pimples really pleased her community.

Indeed, the glowing comments did not take long to appear under the post: “Even with pimples she is beautiful”, “I love the fact that you can see the skin on your face without filters or complexes. You are beautiful, thank you”, “You are really a model for young girls, you are natural, it’s great”, “Bravo not to sell us the perfect woman 0 defect”, “It is this reality that we want to see” could we read in particular. Giuseppa who recently unveiled an adorable video with Paga will continue this momentum? The fans hope so.

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