Giuseppa (LMvsMonde6) criticized on social networks, she pushes a big rant

Very recently on social networks, Giuseppa revealed herself naturally and Internet users loved it. Indeed, they greatly appreciated the fact that the young woman appears without makeup, thus revealing her small imperfections. If the cliché in question was very popular, some hateful comments slipped under the post., which did not escape the main concern. Very recovered, Giuseppa did not hesitate to give a rant: “I see that some people are negative under my photo. I have the impression that since I do not arch my back, that I do not pose to be ultra ‘sexy’, then suddenly I look weird!”.

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Giuseppa pushes a mouthful – Credit (s): Instagram @giuseppacrl

Paga’s sweetheart continues to clarify with her 828,000 followers on Instagram: “Then it’s a problem that I’m in my underwear. But I have absolutely no problem because at least I show the girls who follow me that my body is like theirs, that I am 45kg, that I am not delighted with it and yet I assume “.

Transparent with its community but criticized

“I do not understand so much, we are in a generation where everyone complains about superficiality, when we try to do good things for the youth or the new generation that follows us, we are criticized all the more : “you’re not beautiful without makeup”, “you’re scary”, “you’re skinny” and so on of course! In fact, cruelty, one wonders if it comes from the bad influence of social networks or if it just comes from the kind of people who make people complex. “. Fortunately, the haters represent only a tiny portion of his community. Elsewhere in the news, a clue suggests that Giuseppa is about to join Paga in Mexico for the new season of the Marseillais.

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