Giuseppa facing health problems, we know more


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Credit: Instagram: aqababe

Giuseppa is said to be facing health problems. We tell you everything we know about it.

Recently, you were told that Giuseppa had a rant on Instagram. The young woman, very natural on social networks, has never hesitated to show herself without a filter, in the literal as well as figurative sense. Whether physically or mentally, the P’tite Giu do not lie to its subscribers: when things are wrong, things are wrong! The one who opened a Youtube channel speaks without taboos about her mental health, her weight or her atopic-prone skin and her authenticity is very much appreciated. Only here, the candidate would currently encounter some health problems … A few weeks ago, she spoke on Snapchat, mentioning a sudden weight loss that led her to go for a consultation.

aqababe reveals information about Giuseppa’s state of health – Credit (s): Instagram: aqababe

Also, according to information fromfrozen, Giuseppa is currently going through some medical concerns that have nothing to do with the fact that she has lost weight. In an Instagram story, the blogger explained that she would have “developed the Epstein-barr which is a disease of the same family as mononucleosis”. Still according to the words of the Instagram account, she would already be healing and that would be “a long, long time since she had this”. Rest assured the meltynauts, the virus in question would be benign in the vast majority of cases!

An underlying disease?

Regardless, the one who considers herself Hilona’s little sister would have to pass a series of exams to make sure all is well. Blogger aqababe, from whom we have this information, said she would have a CT scan on January 26 for her gallbladder, liver and stomach. We do not have more details, but it seems that it is a simple rigorous control visit. In any case, we give it a lot of strength because even small, health problems are never easy to live with.

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