Giulio Regeni, the Supreme Court decides on July 15 on the appeal of the Rome prosecutor against the stop of the trial

Ten days after the request of the Rome public prosecutor’s office, the hearing on the appeal presented by the prosecutors who challenged the decision of the judge on 11 April for the preliminary hearing has been set for next 15 July in the Cassation with which he suspended the proceedings against four 007 Egyptians accused of having Giulio Regeni kidnapped, tortured and killed in 2016 in Cairo.
With the appeal, the deputy prosecutor, Sergio Colaiocco, asked to cancel the judge’s provision which was based on what was decided by the Court of Assizes, last October, according to which the trial could not go on because the documents had not been served on the accused. Deeds not notified because Egypt never provided the defendants’ domicile.

The prosecutor asked the Supreme Court to intervene to unblock the “trial stasis”. The prosecutors of piazzale Clodio have filed a provision of a few pages asking the magistrates to annul the decision of 11 April last. In the appeal, Colaiocco requested an intervention of “clarity” to the stoats to overcome the provisions of the judge for the preliminary hearings which, referring to what was decided by the III Court of Assizes last October, ruled that the process cannot go on in how much lack of notifications to the accused: these are the agents, all belonging to the security apparatus of Cairo, who in January 2016 allegedly abducted, tortured and killed the Italian researcher. For the office directed by Franco Lo Voi a different technical assessment is required with regard to the existence of the guarantees of due process recognized to the four 007. With the appeal the magistrates of piazzale Clodio ask the Supreme Court to clarify whether it is sufficient, for the celebration of the trial, that “there is a reasonable certainty – as he wrote the Assize Court in the provision with which it referred the proceedings to the attention of the GUP – that the four Egyptian defendants are aware of the existence of criminal proceedings against them concerning serious crimes committed against Regeni ”.

According to the Capitoline Prosecutor’s Office, what was decided by the Court of Assizes is in contrast with what the Cassation expressed in some sentences which state that it is possible to proceed with the process even if the party ignores the date of the hearing and the chargewhen you are essentially in the presence of “fake unaware”. The next hearing in front of the GUP has been set for next 10 October. The judge, in light of the total closure of the Egyptian authorities in judicial collaboration, has entrusted a new delegation to the Carabinieri del Ros to carry out further research. In that hearing, the head of the judicial affairs department of the Ministry of Justice, Nicola Russo, will also be heard on any developments after the note sent to the Egyptians by the dicastery following the unsuccessful meeting on March 15. The parents of the Friulian researcher, in recent weeks, have launched an appeal via social media to ask for a mobilization in order to identify the addresses of the four torturers. A post on Facebook, published in three languages ​​(Italian, English and Arabic), in which the photos of three defendants identified by Ros on open sources were also included.

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