Giuliana Rengifo to Magaly after dismissing her romance with Alfredo Zambrano: “He was affectionate and detailed with me”

Clashes continue between Magaly Medina and Giuliana Rengifo. After the statements of the ‘Urraca’, where the supposed romance that the dancer had with Alfredo Zambrano, the cumbiambera came forward to reaffirm that she did have a relationship with the notary.

In an interview with the program “Amor y Fuego”, the former member of “Agua Bella” assured that the lawyer never treated her as something temporary and, on the contrary, was a very attentive person with her.

He would pick me up at the airport when I came on a trip. Really, it was a normal, calm relationship, only that I am a public figure, he was always super affectionate with me, he was very detailed, how he always is at the beginning of a relationship “narrowed down

For Rengifo, Zambrano would not have made their romance public to protect her from the presenter of “Magaly TV: La Firme.” “I think she did it to take care of her, because obviously she is Magaly Medina. (…) I think she is hurt, but it was a relationship that happened a long time ago and what happened in a relationship remains between the twos”, he limited.

Giuliana Rengifo also considered that Magaly Medina You shouldn’t put your hands in the fire for your partner.She says that for her now husband I was a ‘snack’, it is false. She assumes and says those things because suddenly he is lying”, he narrowed down.

When asked if she thinks the lawyer has a dirty conscience, the artist replied: “I think so, (And her?) I think she (Magaly Medina) is one more victim”he added.

At another point in the interview, the artist attacked the “Urraca” considering that she is not the right person to criticize her. “He always brags about defending women, but he doesn’t, he puts qualifications. For me she is not a journalist, she is an opinionologist who has a ‘garbage’ program. I think she is not worthy to tell me something, “she questioned.


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