Giulia De Lellis is desperate: “I lost the connection, I have no make-up, I have no skincare, I have no luggage”. Then: “They just searched me”

Bad adventure for Giulia De Lellis. The well-known influencer experienced moments of despair upon returning from a business trip to Formentera. De Lellis found herself by mistake in London: “Stop the game. I lost the connection, my life, my luggage, my joy, everything ”, she wrote on social media. The outburst continued: “Missed an important business lunch, I have no makeup, I have no skincare, I have a burned forehead, I don’t have my luggage, I missed an event “.

De Lellis admitted that he suspected a joke de Hyenas which, however, this time (in the past they made her a “victim” of one of their jokes), turned out to be unrelated to the facts. While staying at the airport, the influencer was also searched: “They just searched me. So, at random. Obviously everything is ok, but …“. After waiting several hours, De Lellis was finally able to leave for her next destination.

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