Gisele gekorbt: "Adam is looking for Eve"-Falko lacked attraction

Why did Gisele Oppermann (34) not have a chance at Falko Ochsenknecht? The former Germany’s next top model candidate has cast an eye on the Berlin – day & night actor in the Nackedei dating format Adam is looking for Eva. The native Brazilian even went to great lengths to convince the party singer. Indeed Falko flashed them off. Opposite to Promiflash he now reveals the exact reason for the rejection!

“The first thing you see in a person is the outer shell,” said Falko. The character also plays a role – but if he doesn’t like someone visually, the character can still be great. “There is no point if there is no sexual attraction”, emphasized the 34-year-old in an interview with Promiflash. Gisele have good sides and can cook great. Indeed Falko explained: “It bothered me that she was very aggressive and couldn’t accept a ‘no’.”

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Although it is at Falko Has not worked with any woman on the show so far, his participation should have been worth it: Because he has found a good friend in a colleague! “Koki and I got on really well straight away. We were right on the same wavelength. He understood my humor and I understood his”, enthused the native Lüdenscheider. After filming, he has daily contact with the 42-year-old.

“Adam sucht Eva” is always available on Mondays at 8:15 pm on RTLZWEI, and is also available for seven days and three days in advance on RTL +.

Falko Ochsenknecht on "Adam sucht Eva"

RTLZWEI / Christoph cassette

Falko Ochsenknecht on “Adam sucht Eva”
Gisele Oppermann on "Adam sucht Eva"

RTLZWEI / Christoph cassette

Gisele Oppermann on “Adam sucht Eva”
Koki, "Adam Seeks Eve" candidate for 2021

RTLZWEI / Christoph cassette

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Koki, “Adam Seeks Eve” candidate for 2021

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