Gisele Bündchen: what is the model’s legacy in the fashion world? Photographer points out strong points of the trajectory of the top

The capital of São Paulo is receiving the new edition of Sao Paulo Fashion Week🇧🇷 Between November 16th and 20th, at Shopping Iguatemi, the main event of the national fashion calendar will show the trends for the next autumn/winter 2023 season. Hurricane Gisele Bundchen.

For celebrity photographer João Passos, the Brazilian model is one of the main professionals that the fashion segment has presented in recent years. His admiration for the gaúcha is even confirmed by the highlight given in his book “15 years of Red Carpet”. In addition to internal images, the work features the cover photo with the businesswoman.

“When I photographed my first SPFW, Gisele was also starting out on the market. It was 1999, the year in which she won an award as a revelation model by the Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil and I had the pleasure of photographing her at Theatro Municipal de São Paulo. I started photographing as a contributor to Caras magazine and many other opportunities came along, such as fashion shows, advertising campaigns, among other photographed moments”, he recalls.

Gisele Bündchen is a Brazilian phenomenon

With 25 years in the profession, the photography specialist adds up to 15 years of work carried out exclusively with the model. According to João Passos, there were events where clicks reached around 100 photos; on fashion shows, an average of 300 images, in addition to other occasions that together exceed more than 15 thousand photographs of her.

“I have many stories and good memories with her. In addition to São Paulo, I had the pleasure of recording images of her in Milan, New York, among other places. Many cool stories with her”, he recalls.

“Once, at the Hotel Emiliano, on Oscar Freire, where she used to stay, I accompanied the reporter to take the photos. We had only 7 minutes to do the whole agenda, between photos and the interview. When I finished, I asked for another 3 minutes for a special photo and she kindly gave me 2 more minutes. I asked Gisele if she wasn’t going to apply some lipstick and fix her hair for the photo and she asked her sister if she was ugly. So I told her, ‘ Are you ugly? Of course not. You’re the most beautiful of the moment’. Situations like that made the moment fun”, he emphasizes.

In the history of national fashion, Gisele Bündchen is the most important model on the catwalks. “I evaluate her success as a gift that only she possesses. I remember her, on the catwalk and doing a super job, marked by applause. She has a simple, yet delicate way. I think that a unique talent that serves as an inspiration for the public. Wherever she is, she will be the sun that shines on the catwalks”, he declares.

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