Gisele Bündchen reports difficulty at the beginning of her career and recalls: "I did 42 castings and took a parade"

Gisele Bundchen41 years old, reported the beginning of his career by recalling his trajectory, in a statement to the documentary Top Models: A Brazilian Fairy Talewhich premieres on May 17, on the FashionTV channel.

“I was in London, I turned 42 castings and I took a show, from Alexander McQueen because he didn’t need my picture, he just needed me to walk in a shoe this size”, explained the Top, showing the size of a high heel with her hands.

Bündchen also recalls that she ended up being invited to be on the cover of Vogue magazine in the United States, when she was present on the catwalks: “There were no new models on the cover, only supermodels. Being marking this time was very important for my career. I was the mark of that time”, he says.

Retired from the catwalks, the model was dedicated to helping the environment, becoming an ambassador for brands that emphasize the importance of defending the Amazon. Gisele also produced the documentary Solo Fértil, in which she shows how important preservation for social well-being is.

Since retiring in 2015, she has spent more time with her family, as well as doing self-care activities such as martial arts. Bündchen is married to the American football player, Tom Bradywith whom she has 12-year-old Benjamin.

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