Girls’ Generation outfits in Forever 1 that you can recreate

Do you want to recreate one of the outfits worn by the SNSD members in this comeback? We tell you what are some of the best looks of Girls’ Generation in Forever 1 and what you need to own that style.

For the premiere of the new album, the idols of k pop modeled various looks in the concept photos of forever 1but it would be in the music video with the same name that we would see them with outfits diverse ranging from the colorful to the monochromatic.

In the MV of Girls’ Generationthe girls show us their union, memories of their beginnings as a group and also a little of what each one has done individually, all through bright and striking settings.

Fashion was also an important part of the come backthat’s why we tell you how to recreate some of the outfits that the girls of Girl’s Generation they ported in the music video.

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Forever 1: Girls’ Generation’s best looks for their new comeback

For this look, most of the group members wore similar clothes, but we’ll use Tiffany’s style as inspiration. First you need a white shorts, preferably denim and high-waisted, combine with a tight crop top of the same color, if she has blue lines it will be much better. Now just add some sneakers or sandals and accessories.

Girls’ Generation outfits in Forever 1. | Source: Twitter @GirlsGeneration

One of the most charming looks of this girl in the MV includes a pink skirt, it can be tight or A-line, the design you choose will be fine. She adds a blue top or crop top to create a fun contrast, complemented by white espadrilles or combat boots.

Girls’ Generation outfits in Forever 1. | Source: Twitter @4niaLuvie

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This girl wore a charming outfit consisting of a skirt and a brown vest, you can opt for camel tones or respect the hue, you can also replace the vest with another garment such as a short long-sleeved sweater or something that you think will combine well. She adds a black beret and accessorizes with tall boots.

Girls’ Generation outfits in Forever 1. | Source: Twitter @dailyuIsic

Another lovely outfit was the one used by Tiffany, she combined bright green garments that look very elegant, you need a short and a crop top with those qualities, preferably this last garment has thick straps. Another alternative is to wear a dress of said color, she wears a belt with chain details and heels.

Girls’ Generation outfits in Forever 1. | Source: YouTube SMTOWN

In more fashion topics, we tell you about several ideas to paint your hair, all of them are inspired by Sumi looks.

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