"Girls can be rock stars": Carolin Kebekus is planning a festival with women only

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“Girls can be rock stars”
Carolin Kebekus is planning a festival with women only

The music scene is still dominated by men. Only a few women are represented in orchestras. Comedienne Carolin Kebekus knows that too. In order to set an example, the 41-year-old is now planning a music festival at which only women will be on stage.

In the coming year, Carolin Kebekus is organizing an open-air music festival where only women perform. It should take place on June 6th at the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne. “Female acts are completely underrepresented in the music business,” explains the comedian. “At the Grammys between 2013 and 2019, only ten percent of the nominations went to a woman. You have to look for female acts on festival posters with a magnifying glass. We want to change that. We want to make female musicians more visible.”

Not only well-known artists, but also newcomers and singers with initial successes between pop, indie and hip-hop should be represented at the festival. There have already been commitments from Lea, Luna, Mine, Annie Chops and the No Angels, among others. Advance sales start tomorrow, Thursday.

“Imbalance in orchestras and pop formations”

The idea for the festival was born in the “Carolin Kebekus Show”. In this year’s season there was a main topic about the lack of representation of women in the music industry. According to Kebekus, the reasons for this go back to the 19th century: “At that time it was not appropriate for women to earn money. Therefore, they had to publish their compositions under the names of men. So there were only male composers. This continues to this day Imbalance through all orchestras and pop formations. Because men are often in all decisive positions. “

Accordingly, women were absent not only on, but also behind the stage. “The excuse that there wouldn’t be any female bands should no longer apply. Because they exist, you just have to give them space. And that’s exactly where our festival comes in: It’s all about visibility. Our acts are role models for Women and girls: Girls should know that they too can be rock stars. “

Men are welcome as spectators at the festival. “We can only change something if we all pull together,” says Kebekus. “We need a social discourse between women and men on an equal footing. It is not about preferential treatment, we just demand the same opportunities. We want women to be just as present at festivals and on the radio as men.”

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