Girl cut faces out of bills until her mother managed to stop her

Children have become experts at inventing pranks, but all of them do it without bad intentions. On some occasions they do it with great care and perfection, giving the parents goosebumps. That caused a little girl of Mexico who cut several of his mother’s bills to do his school work.

In the viral video published on TikTok, a girl is seen cutting real bills, in order to decorate her homework on the historical figures of Mexico. With her little hands she took her scissors and, in a very neat way, she cut up to five bills of different denominations.

mother arrived on time

Each Mexican hero that he cuts out, he pastes on a blank sheet of paper. In the clip it can be seen that he already had the faces of characters like Frida Kahlo, José María Morelos y Pavón, Diego River and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

In the viral video, also broadcast by the , you can see that the little girl was about to cut a sixth ticket. This time one of 200 pesos, when suddenly her mother realized what she was doing and quickly took it from her hands, saving at least that last bill.

The clip has a hint of drama and sarcasm, as it is accompanied by a phrase from the journalist Chelo Garcia-Cortez: “And the voices in my mind tell me: kill it, kill it, kill it”.

What banknotes circulate today in Mexico?

As reported by the in 2018 onwards the production and circulation of the new family of banknotes called “Historical identity and natural heritage”, being a complete change in their design, because since 1994 with Family C of banknotes the effigy and the predominant color in all banknotes have been maintained, only carrying out new designs. This family was joined by the “Dynamic Thread” replacing the “3D thread” from the previous family. The main reasons for this change are:

– Incorporation of new security measures to make it more difficult to counterfeit banknotes.

– Exalt the historical processes of the country, as well as the natural and cultural heritage.

– Make it easier for the blind and visually impaired to identify the value of the ticket.

The Bank of Mexico added new security elements:

– Dynamic thread.

– Multicolour denomination.

The $500 bill was introduced first (August 27, 2018), then the $200 bill was introduced (September 2, 2019), then the $100 bill (November 12, 2020), then the $1,000 bill (November 19, 2020). 2020), later a $20 bill was introduced (September 24, 2021) commemorating the bicentennial of the consummation of Mexico’s independence, to end with the $50 bill (October 28, 2021). The Bank of Mexico designed a bill with a denomination of $2000, which will be introduced only if this denomination is necessary.

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