Giovanni Melillo says holy words: we need new collaboration between legislators, magistrates and services

In the words of the national prosecutor anti-mafia and anti terrorism, Giovanni Melillo, I find it urgent to re-tie a thread that has perhaps been dangerously thinning in recent years. That of loyal collaboration between legislator and judiciary on the ground of necessary tools to continue in the effort for the liberation of Italy from the mafia. In fact, in one of the most interesting passages of the interview granted to Bianconi on the CourierMelillo, referring to Spatuzza’s role in shedding light on the massacre of Via D’Amelioobserves:

“Also in order not to risk losing sight of the importance, which is absolutely fundamental in the contrast to the mafias, of the instrument of collaborators of justice, for which Giovanni Falcone spent so much. On the contrary, the need to ensure the protection system of the collaborators real standards of modernity and efficiency; even today, for example, due to a truly incomprehensible legislative inertia, one is missing discipline of the cover documents that prevent, as unfortunately happened, that a mafia gang can track down the collaborator who revealed the crimes through targeted unauthorized access to information from the health, social security and tax systems “

Words “holy” and as we know the other great stretch mark is that relating to protection to be recognized by women who, with their children, intend to break with mafia families of origin, even though they cannot become collaborators of justice. In the past legislature, the one that ended in 2018, I was the president of the V committee of the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission, the one who dealt with witnesses, collaborators and victims of the mafia, in the years in which Dr. Melillo was engaged in the Ministry of Justice, so we got to know each other and to confront us on these issues. That’s why, for me, they have a particular value those statements about collaborators: at that time we managed, thanks to the harmony between government and Parliament, to unanimously approve a reform of the guardianship system of witnesses of justice (which should now be subjected to verification and certainly more punctually implemented), but we did not manage to review the rules relating to collaboratorson the importance of which we have repeatedly dwelt.

But the interview with Melillo is important for at least others three reasons, which seems to me to describe an action program. The strong appeal to deontology professional prosecutors, who according to Melillo, have sometimes sinned of superficiality, vanity and even authoritarian and self-referential approaches, in order to better defend independence of the prosecutors themselves, avoiding lending their side to “reaction fouls” (I call them that!) by politics, which have as a consequence the dangerous flattening of the work of the prosecutors. The precise reference to the cooperation with the Dis, i.e. with the department based on the presidency of the Council of Ministers which coordinates the work of the two information services for the security of the Republic, Aisi and Aise, in order to access in an orderly manner useful materials for understanding the “darker pages”(Quoted by Bianconi) of our country.

I am convinced that it can be one cooperation useful now that, having passed since those facts about thirty years, and having changed substantially the geopolitical maps, the power structures and even the secret services themselves, some hope of asking the “right” questions and getting some answers, there is. Finally for that sentence:

For the responsibility of my function I can only publicly apologize for all the omissions and errors, but also for the superficialities and even the vanities that have hindered the search for the truth about the massacre

When to publicly apologize is a represented of the credible state, as in this case, it is to be thought that an apology is the obvious manifestation of one renewed will to go all the way, without paying too high a duty on the sustainability of the system once again. Melillo’s words made me think of others, similar, those pronounced by Gabrielli on the slaughter at the G8 in Genoa. When Gabrielli said those words he was head of the Police, today he is the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister with the responsibility for the security of the Republic, that is, he is the head of the head of the DIS. If they are roses …

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