Giovanna Ewbank reveals the things she spends the most money on

During the early afternoon of this Wednesday (12/01), the presenter and actress Giovanna Ewbank used his Instagram profile to share a video of a meme that ended up going viral on the web, which are the 4 things that most money is spent on.

In the video, she says that “Gasoline, LOL (a line of dolls), PS5 games and food” are the items she spends the most money on, joked the presenter, who is married to the actor. Bruno Gagliasso and has three children: Zyan, only 1 year old, Bless, 8 years old and Titi, of 9.

During 12/31, Giovanna Ewbank showed her fans and followers that she was enjoying her last day of the year very well. The blonde shared a photo shoot where she appears wearing a pink bikini.“Last day of the year the way I like it,” Ewbank said in the caption of his post.

Recently, Giovanna shared a look back at her youngest son. She posted a video where she shows various Zyan moments.

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