Giovanna Ewbank doubted her son before Bless was diagnosed with syndrome: ‘I thought it was cool’

Middle child of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso, Bless, who made her runway debut recently, had her famous mother worried. “He started to get really airy, doing things that I thought were a little weird. I started to think he might have a degree of autism“, revealed the blonde, openly demisexual, during the podcast “Quem Pod, Pode”, which she presents alongside Fernanda Paes Leme.

Giovanna said that they decided to look for a doctor in São Paulo to understand what was happening: “She diagnosed him with a sensory syndrome [ou Transtorno de Processamento Sensorial]. He hears more than all of us, he feels more, he smells more, “she enumerated.

Crying, Giovanna Ewbank took the blame after diagnosis

Giovanna explained that the complaints of Bless, victim of a racist attack with her sister, Títi, were seen as freshness by the family. “Several times he would pass, for example, by the kitchen, and say: ‘Oh, what a strong smell!’ on the grass and he said: ‘Get me out of here!’. And I said: ‘Son, stop being cool, it’s just grass!’ , explained the artist.

Unable to hold back the tears, Giovanna, whose body was exalted in topless photos, assumed that the diagnosis fell like a bomb on her head, since many did not pay attention to the boy’s pleas. “It was an absurd guilt,” she said.

Giovanna then appealed to parents to pay more attention to their children’s demands, however fresh they may seem, as in this case with Bless. “Today Bless lives with this sensory syndrome very well, but it took my look, Bruno’s look, the look of several doctors for us to understand his condition”, she pointed out. And she added: “I could think it was freshness for the rest of my life”.

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