Gino Biancalana is engaged, he will become a father

“It’s a girl and she said yes.”

With these words, Gino Biancalana boasted that he was going to be a father and that he had finally dared to propose to his beloved Christiana. The doctor and the businessman have been together for several years. They both currently live in Chicago, where Gino runs a business with his family.

In addition to the surprise, Biancalana also prepares a cake

The two-time winner of “VIP Brother” shared with his followers videos from a party on the occasion of the baby’s gender reveal. In the US, such coupons are being made more and more often. This is how future parents and their families can tell if they are expecting a boy or a girl. So did the Biancalana clan. To announce they were expecting a baby girl, a shiny white Bentley spewed a pink cloud of dust from its tailpipes.

Pink dust confirmed, the baby is a girl

Pink dust confirmed, the baby is a girl

At that moment, Gino dropped to his knees and asked Christiana if she wanted to marry him. The brunette didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed. From the romantic videos, it is clear that Gino still has problems with his leg. He suffered a serious accident that nearly left him in a wheelchair for life. After a number of operations and rehabilitation, Biancalana was able to recover. The reality star is currently wearing a splint, most likely undergoing surgery again.

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