Ginés, the ‘influencer’ farmer who triumphs on TikTok for his giant sandwiches

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Gines ‘Correguela’ (@ginescorreguela) made his life in his town as a local. However, everything changed when he decided to prepare a giant sandwich in front of the camera. Since then, the farmer from Úbeda, in the province of Jaén (Spain), has become an unexpected ‘influencer’ who triumphs on the platform of TikTok with each of his viral videos.

Encouraged by one of his daughters, Ginés ventured into the world of social networks and, in record time, he got close to two million followers, a figure that supports its success within the cyber community. Through the clips of him, the country man explains in detail and with great charisma the super loaded sandwiches which he makes almost every day.

Elaboration process

As if following the policy of “better than not missing”, the ‘tiktoker’ uses bars of XXL size loaf where he distributes the ingredients, never less than five. Sometimes, the gardener places several fillets of loin, sausages, slices of cheese, tomato and a layer of fried eggs, according to comments The truth.

@ginescorreguela ♬ original sound – Ginés correguela

It also usually crowns the tremendous snacks with a few splashes of mayonnaise or whatever goes best. For his work to be tasty, Ginés recommends “soak the bread well”so he does not skimp on quantities.

His origins

In dialogue with 20 minutesGinés ‘Corregüela’ pointed out that “the whole year” works “in the field”. I come from a humble family. My father and grandparents have been market gardeners all their lives, and since I didn’t like school very much I started dedicating myself to the gardenalthough there came a time when I got tired and I went to the world of construction, and I have been in construction for 30 years”, the Spanish explained.

@ginescorreguela ♬ original sound – Ginés correguela

She was affected by the criticism in networks

On the other hand, Ginés confessed that he was disappointed by the negative comments he continues to receive. “There were good and bad comments. Some called me ‘hick’ and forty thousand other things, and there came a time when I wanted to move on from this, because I don’t need to, I I am comfortable with my family”, specified the new Internet star.

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