Gims, Stromae, and Sonia Rolland all together in a snapshot "unlikely" : the announcement of a new major project to come?

What if the most famous singer with glasses had just teased a big surprise to his fans? Unfortunately, the latter expect more Gims at the turn about his wife DemDem following the accusations of polygamy which he has been the subject of for several weeks. But she had already died last May when she answered questions from her fans on Instagram. One of them asked her what she thought of polygamy. To which, the one who revealed her face that in 2016 simply replied: “I accept everything that comes from my religion”.

For his part, Gims also responded to the subject of the famous rumor which has existed “for a long time” according to him. In any case, this is what the interpreter of Sapped like never before with our colleagues from Sunday newspaper. “I live with DemDem and the children. I was married only once. I never said it publicly. I never wanted to dwell on this rumor. The rumor is extinguished when it reaches the ear intelligent. I have confidence in the intelligence of my public”he assured at first in order to silence the bad longs.

Several artists for the same project?

And if the member of the Sexion d’Assaut does not seem surprised that he is given a possible relationship, it is because this story has been going around for a few years now. “This rumor has existed for a very long time, since the time when I was part of the group Sexion d’Assault. Living in Morocco must have brought this ambiguity”he argued to close the debate.

However, his last photo posted in Instagram story could well revive rumors of polygamy. But the snapshot should rather alert fans to a possible new project that promises some nice surprises. Being therefore that Gims appeared with Lefa, Barack Adama, but also Stromae and Sonia Rolland in a photo. But the snapshot dates from several years ago and the rapper with glasses probably wanted to remember a good time when this “improbable combination” was born.

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