Gilles Varone, a chef made in England

During this first week of January, Time devotes four portraits to women and men who have been very discreet until now, but who will make a name for themselves in the news of the year 2023.

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The inscription on the facade of the building is readable from a distance. Just as is visible the sign fixed to the wall, at the height of the first floor. “Café-épicierie de la Place” is written in red and in capital letters on this building in the heart of the village of Chandolin, located at the western end of the town of Savièse, in Valais. However, the establishment no longer exists. At number 52 rue de Chandolin, next to the front door, a sober black plaque indicates that the master of the place is now called Gilles Varone. The 27-year-old chef opened there his first restaurant end of last July. And the success is dazzling.

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