Gil do Vigor lets go "five" during live and is embarrassed: "I thought it would be silent"

Gil do Vigor went through an embarrassment during a live on his TikTok, this Tuesday (11/01), when he accidentally released a “farm” while talking to his followers. The former BBB could not disguise the gaffe.

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In a video that circulates on the internet, Gil farts and then apologizes: “Jeez, sorry. I farted, what a shame! Oh, help”, he said. After the video went viral on other social networks, the economist shared the moment on his Instagram.

“Guys, it was by accident. I thought it would be silent,” he explained.

Last weekend, while participating in the Altas Horas program, Gil left the audience thrilled when he gave a speech about Brazil’s economy. He says that it is more important to end hunger in the country than to worry about the GDP: “We have to change the base. First, we must end Brazil’s social problems. When we study economics, we are afraid of say anything. There are many variables that affect the price, for example.”

The economist added: “A president’s speech will generate inflation. If the president says something wrong, we have investors who say: ‘I am no longer attracted.’ There are several things that can happen within a country that will affect inflation. Brazil is doing a lot of wrong in matters that it shouldn’t. Our current scenario is very uncertain. We need to put in people who know how to take care of our country, people who think about the poor and how to improve.”

“It’s no use for Brazil to be the country with the highest GDP, growth rate, if there are people starving and dying”, explained Gil during the program.

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