Gifts for Leo: Here are 6 options to surprise a Leo friend

the women of leo sign are intense and draw to them all the protagonism and prominence characteristic of this group. they are very generous, courageous and very high spirits. carry within themselves the creativity and leadership powerthen choose gifts that help you in your personal evolution process or that exalt your qualities.

Who has one nearby? native of the leo season, knows that as much as they say they like to appear and be in evidence, being in the company of the people she loves and seeing them well is the most important thing for them. Therefore, the purepeople selected some gift options that will make any leonine very happy on her birthday. Check it out!

Eye Shadow Palette, Ocean – BRL 84.55
Wireless Headset, Philco – BRL 119.90
Square Satin Scarf, Amaro – BRL 79.90
Essential Oil Blend, Oceane – BRL 99.00
Glow Bottle, Kouda – BRL 144.93
Essential Library of Feminism Box – BRL 119.00

Eye Shadow Palette by Océane

Vibrant and striking colors, just like any leonine’s self esteem! In all, there are 24 shades of eyeshadow divided between opaque and shimmering colors. All have high fixation and good pigmentation. Find it at Época Cosméticos for R$ 84.55.

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