Giant sand creations stand in Písek again: Will the statues last until winter?

Marian Maršálek is the author of three sculptures, others created by fellow sculptors. “One statue lasts about a week. This year, they are thematically focused on the partner cities of Písek. Each statue has the emblem of the city and the architecture and other attributes typical of it, “remarked the sculptor.

Sixteenth this year

This year, the artists created symbolic sculptures of the cities of Jičín, Veĺký Krtíš, Bad Leonfelden, Deggendorf and Wetzlar. The exhibition of sand sculptures is taking place in the South Bohemian town for the sixteenth time. Every year, artists create sculptures on a different theme. There were, for example, characters from the evenings, the last Rosenbergs, film characters and important sand natives.

Tourists from afar

The interest of the people is huge and still growing. Thanks to covid’s measures, tourists from opposite sides of the republic also discovered this gallery in the open air. “Sand sculptures are a great attraction. Everyone takes pictures of them. Tourists return to us regularly, and when they come here, they will also visit other events, of which we organize a large number during the season, “said Petra Měšťanová from Písek City Hall.

I build them like a cake

The sculptor Marian Maršálek comes from Moravia. They have been building sand sculptures for eight years. “In the last three years, I have also participated in those in Písek. I enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. In addition, it is an interesting experience for me, “remarked the artist. According to him, the construction of sand sculptures has limits and rules that must be followed. “The sand is relatively heavy, a wide base and a good center of gravity are important. It builds like a cake. There must be nothing heavy at the top, otherwise the statue may collapse, “remarked the sculptor, who also has experience with the construction of ice sculptures.

Did you know that…

… last year the statues lasted until the end of November?

… if the weather and vandals allow it, can they see the first snow?

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