giant cobra chasing rat: Big Cobra And Rat Fight News : giant cobra and jump on shop counter in raised, shopkeeper escaped before six second after seeing snake tha young man


  • Video of Obaidullaganj in Raisen district of MP goes viral
  • The snake was running in the shop to hunt the rat
  • The shopkeeper ran after seeing the snake, the cobra jumped down after six seconds
  • Video went viral in CCTV, shopkeeper is narrowly left

Standing at the gate of the shop, the young man was watching something on the mobile. He sat inside the shop watching. As he sat down, he looked up. Above he saw something that he ran away from there. If it had been a while, he could have lost his life too. The entire incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera. This video (Cobra Jumped In Shop) is from Obaidullaganj in Raisen district.

Actually, a huge cobra snake was hunting the rat inside the shop. During this, the rat was trying to escape from the huge snake. While there, the cobra was following him. To keep the goods in the shop, they were jumping on the rack made above. During this the young man entered inside. He saw the snake in time, otherwise the snake could have bitten the young man.

There is a pan masala shop near Chauhan Dhaba in Obaidullaganj in Raisen district. The video is from September 6. It is seen in the video that the young man sits on his seat. Then he hears some movement. As soon as you look up, you see a cobra. After that the young man runs away. After a while the cobra jumped on the young man’s seat to eat the rat. Thankfully the young man had left the shop.

Despite this, the rat did not touch the cobra. After this, he kept wandering around the shop restlessly. The cobra was so angry that he jumped wherever he felt and looked at the mouse. For some time he has been roaming like this in the shop. The CCTV video is now viral on social media.

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