Gianluca Vacchi positive for Covid: “I’m washing and cleaning my blood”

The name of Gianluca Vacchi it adds to the long list of celebrities who are infected with Covid during the holidays just ended. The entrepreneur had decided to spend the New Year in Miami, in the United States, and on the day of the Epiphany he revealed that he tested positive for the virus. So far, ordinary administration, were it not for announcing positivity to his fans, Vacchi also showed the treatment he is undergoing in the US.

Gianluca Vacchi has in fact published in his Instagram stories a video in which he shows himself together with a nurse (whom he tags) intent on preparing a blood transfusion: “Fourth day. I’m washing and cleaning my blood. This certainly serves to recover faster and better ”, he announced with a tired voice. In the images you can then see the nurse who explains that she has added ozone and oxygen to the blood bag, before proceeding with what appears to be autohemotransfusion.

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What is it about? The one to which Vacchi underwent It is a very popular practice in the United States among stars and various positive Covid VIPs but not only that: it involves a consistent withdrawal of blood which is then oxygenated and ozonated and then re-injected into the patient intravenously. Needless to say, the comments were immediately unleashed: we at FqMagazine, on the actual effectiveness of this treatment, defer to the opinion of doctors and experts.

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