Gianinna Maradona took aim at Thelma Fardín, after criticizing her father: "Talk about a person you don’t know …"

Some days ago, Gianinna Maradona showed his anger with Nicki nicole for branding his father, Diego Maradona, as an “abuser” of which she would never be a fan. Now, it was up to Thelma Fardin, for his harsh criticism of the soccer star on the occasion of his bond with the young Cuban Mavys alvarez, when she was just 16 years old and that included drugs, gender violence and alcohol.

The actress recently stated in an interview that you have to stop “deify“to the figure of the” Ten “. “It is revictimizing for those of us who dare to denounce“, explained from his experience in front of the trial that he is about to face against Juan Darthés for sexual abuse. In addition, he mentioned that if Álvarez, during his visit to the country to testify in the legal case against Maradona’s environment, is interested in speaking with “Argentine Actresses”, the group that she integrates is more than willing to open the doors for her.

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In that sense, after the strong statements of Fardín, the daughter of the Boca Juniors idol, shared in the last hours a story more than spicy. Talking about a person you don’t know makes you talk more about yourself than about him“, wrote lapidary. What It would not be the first time that Gianinna defined her father publicly, several users in the networks interpreted it as a response to the actress’s sayings.

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