Gianinna Maradona harshly attacked Daniel Osvaldo on his birthday but his son greeted him affectionately

On New Years it was confirmed the breakup of Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo, after several months of love. Despite having traveled to Miami together to spend the holidays, something happened in between and the daughter of the Ten received the 2022 away from the former footballer. Now, Gianinna keeps sending contemptuous messages that seem to be directed at Dani.

Wednesday, January 12, was the birthday of the former Boca Juniors striker, and Maradona left a sharp phrase on his Instagram account. “In the end, only three things will matter in your life. How much you loved, how gently you were, and how gratefully you let go of things that weren’t for you.”, reposted in their stories.

Gianinna Maradona’s message, dedicated to Daniel Osvaldo.

Instead, he was surprised by the gesture of his son, Benjamin Agüero, who did greet Osvaldo. “Happy birthday, Dani, I love you very much”, the boy dedicated to him with a photo of both embraced, to which he replied: “Thank you Benchulain! I love you with all my heart, my friend.”

Benjamín Agüero differentiated himself from Gianinna Maradona and greeted Daniel Osvaldo.

Benjamín Agüero differentiated himself from Gianinna Maradona and greeted Daniel Osvaldo.

To all this, Diego Maradona’s daughter continues in Miami with her family and Osvaldo, meanwhile, she traveled to Nashville (Tennessee) with friends to enjoy her great passion: rock.

“Every cloud has a silver lining”, Osvaldo wrote days ago next to the emoji of a person with a hat on – an accessory that he usually uses – and his hands making a popular rock and roll gesture, a style of music that defines him. It is worth remembering that the now singer he was seen kissing with a woman during his stay in Miami, a fact that also angered Gianinna.

In addition, when he announced that he would continue his trip to the United States, he assured that he was “fed up with reggaeton and cumbieros” and that they would go to the city of Nashville, “looking for real people and a lot of rock and roll.”

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