Gianinna Maradona explained to her son the conflict with Mavys Álvarez: "Telling you the cruel reality costs me but it relieves me"

A few days ago when Mavys Álvarez took the courage to speak, revealed what she lived alongside Diego Maradona. After the repercussion that his sayings had, his family came out to defend him. Nevertheless, his eldest grandson found out what happened and his mother had to explain it to him.

In a post that Giannina Maradona uploaded on her social networks, she told how difficult it was for her to have to tell her about the dark side of her father’s life. “Always up to par. You teach me a little more every day. Our talks, Telling you the cruel reality is what costs me the most but what relieves me the most. I will never be able to control what they can tell you or what you can read but if you know and I know everything is fine “, wrote on his Instagram account.


“Talking to you makes me strong, looking at you relieves my chest pain, you unlock the knot from my throat”, continued writing. He also made reference to the worldwide repercussion that the case is having:
“There are people who kill for money, that they do not care about the suffering of the other, they fill their mouths talking about empathizing and they are far from doing it. It does not repair, it only damages. Judge. Points out. People who tell things that they never lived or will never live. People who live telling the private life of whom they never knew. They cheat. They spit up. “


To end his outburst, he reflected:
“I ask heaven that your eyes continue to shine when you speak of the Babu, that you continue to love him with every cell of your body when we remember him. His best version is kept forever in your heart and that is so much yours that many It fucks them up. Live while we can, we’re just passing through! ” When publishing the post, his mother commented and dedicated a few words of encouragement to him for the difficult time they are going through.

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