Gian Piero Díaz returned to conducting “This is War” after rumors of resignation. What did he say?

Gian Piero Diaz He reappeared in the recent edition of “This is War” after being absent for two days. The presenter made his entrance to the set, however, he did not explain the reasons why he stopped appearing on the youth reality show.

We are together again. I think I’m going to go more often because whenever I go there is good news for the ‘Combatants’. Matching teams, I think it’s fair enough”Noted the“ EEG ”driver.

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With its reappearance, Gian Piero Diaz it would put an end to rumors that he would be leaving América Televisión in search of new opportunities. Remember that Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ revealed in “Amor y Fuego” that the driver would have a contract in a new television house.

Very little is missing, but very little. He is not a warrior, he is not a producer, apparently the ‘Pipi’ (Gian Piero Díaz) will send them to the ‘shushu’. Gian Piero Díaz would leave Pachacamac, leave EEG to go to another television channel“Said the show host.

Erick Elera was his replacement

It should be noted that Erick Elera replaced the popular ‘Pipi’ during these days of absence. The actor took over the driving with enthusiasm.

“I was here in Pachacamac to record the series ‘Back to the neighborhood’ and I stayed to accompany my wife (Allison Pastor) for her birthday and they told me ‘oe you don’t want to drive in’ and I said yes“Said the interpreter of” Cada mañanita “.


Erick Elera was the host of “Esto es Guerra” in the absence of Gian Piero Díaz

Erick Elera as EEG conductor
Erick Elera as EEG conductor

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