Gian Piero Díaz did not appear for “This is war” due to rumors of resignation and Erick Elera was his replacement

After Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ revealed in “Amor y Fuego” that Gian Piero Díaz would leave “This is war”, the driver did not appear in the recent edition of the youth reality show.

In the absence of Gian Piero, the reality show production invited actor Erick Elera, who came to the set of América TV with great enthusiasm.

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“I was here in Pachacamac to record the series ‘Back to the neighborhood’ and I stayed to accompany my wife (Allison Pastor) for her birthday and they told me ‘oe you don’t want to drive in’ and I said yes”Elera commented when being introduced as a reality show host for a day.

Gian Piero Díaz would resign from “This is war”, according to Rodrigo González

According to the popular ‘Peluchín’, the host Gian Piero Díaz would leave América Televisión because a new opportunity came to another television channel.

“There is very little left, but very little. He is not a warrior, he is not a producer, apparently the ‘Pipi’ (Gian Piero Díaz) will send them to the ‘shushu’. Gian Piero Díaz would leave Pachacamac, he would leave EEG to go to another television channel “, indicated in “Love and Fire.”


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