(G)I-DLE scolded Yuqi for saying she would forgive her boyfriend if he cheated on her

The girls of (G)I-DLE always bring joy to their fans, whether it’s with their music or just their interactions, so a group discussion about romance and infidelity turned into a fun scene for Neverland.

when we see (G)I-DLE On stage, K-Pop idols always show their energy, talent and even glamour, but off stage they are very funny, pranksters and loyal girls who always have a great time together. However, recently they also proved again that they are also very good friends.

The girls of (G)I-DLE seem to be the kind of friend who tells you the truth and looks out for your well-being even if hearing the truth might be painful, however they let it show through a discussion that will become iconic.

It all started when at a filming, (G)I-DLE got together to enjoy a meal while chatting while answering questions about different scenarios. Can you imagine how they responded when asked if they would forgive a infidelity?

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(G)I-DLE and Yuqi discussed what to do after cheating

During the clip, the idols They begin by giving their opinions and they all seem to agree that they would not forgive such a deception, however yuqi He said that if he really loved that person very much, he would forgive him, because in the end we can all make mistakes.

The singer surely did not imagine what her response would cause, because after that all her colleagues from (G) I-DLE questioned her saying why would she do that, because from her perspective an apology is no longer of any use when it has already been committed treachery. Yuqi did not remain silent and replied that it would be her business whether or not to forgive her. boyfriend in such a situation, so laughter broke out. LOL!

(G)I-DLE talks about whether or not they would forgive an infidelity. | Source: Twitter @faafafah_

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Shuhua’s reaction and response to Yuqi made (G)I-DLE fans laugh

Although four members of the girls group of CUBE Entertainment agreed that infidelity would be unforgivable, the one who disagreed with Yuqi most intensely was Shuhua and that did not go unnoticed in front of the fans.

That is why many Neverland They highlighted that this idol’s reaction will be memorable, as Shuhua was ready to defend her point and make her partner change her mind. oops!

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