Ghostbusters: Legacy, the scenes after the credits

What happens in the scenes during and after the end credits of the new Ghostbusters: Legacy movie, currently in Italian cinemas?

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What happens in the scenes after the credits from Ghostbusters: Legacy, currently in Italian cinemas? As is customary for feature films that are part of an important franchise, the new effort by Jason Reitman, direct sequel to the first two chapters of the ghost catcher saga, is part of the logic of additional scenes at different points in the credits. Attention, they follow

Ghostbusters: Legacy, a picture of the Ghostbusters

The mid-credits scene contains the cameo of Sigourney Weaver, the only member of the original cast not to appear in the actual film and interact with the new protagonists. We find Dana Barrett giving Peter Venkman the same test he administered to students in the first Ghostbusters, and having him undergo electric shock when he admits that he used to “electrocute” only males, as seen in his first scene in the progenitor. .

Ghostbusters: Legacy, the review: The legacy of the Ghostbusters passes from father to son

Ghostbusters Legacy 10

Ghostbusters: Legacy, a photo of the expected film

The scena post-credits, preceded by an archive excerpt that is visually linked to what follows, is instead centered on Janine and Winston. He, who in the time between Ghostbusters II – Ghostbusters II and Ghostbusters: Legacy has become a successful entrepreneur, reveals to her that he has never forgotten the moments spent together with Peter, Ray and Egon, and for this reason he intends revive their business (as it has done over the years by paying the rent of the occult bookstore run by Ray). “I may be an entrepreneur, but I will always be a Ghostbuster“Winston says as we see the firehouse reopen and bring Ecto-1 back in. Meanwhile, we also see a blinking red light on the containment unit.

Ghostbusters: Legacy, Jason Reitman: “Seeing the movie my father shone with pride”

The intention, therefore, is to continue with the stories of the new generation of Ghostbusters, with the old watch in minor roles, as it was initially supposed to be in a version of the third film that involved the explicit handover (there was talk of Seth Rogen as one of the possible new recruits).

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