Ghostbusters Further: We explain the ending and post-credits scenes

Ghostbusters Mais Além, the new film in the Os Ghostbusters franchise, is already playing in Brazilian cinemas. With Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard and a great cast, the film ends with a very curious ending – and opens the way for the production of sequels with the post-credits scenes. The IGN website explained everything viewers need to know about the end of the story; check it out below.

Knowing that Gozer would bring the apocalypse, Phoebe and Trevor hatch a plan to stop the Sumerian entity. Using equipment hidden in Egon’s laboratory, the characters drive Ecto-1 to Ivo Shandor’s mine, where the Gozer manifestation built its temple.

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Gozer had no idea that the characters would be able to capture the Gatekeeper in a ghost trap and flee to Egon’s farm. Weakened and angry, the entity and the Keymaster follow the protagonists to free the Gatekeeper again.

But Gozer didn’t know who she was dealing with, and when she arrived at the scene, she was hit by the new generation of Ghostbusters. In his weakened state, the character manages to free Zuul and return with all his strength.

What happens at the end of Ghostbusters: Far Beyond?

When Gozer’s victory seemed assured, the entity is shot, and the film reveals the return of the three original Ghostbusters, who return in their iconic costumes to stop the spirit once and for all.

Gozer underestimates Phoebe, who has packed her grandfather’s proton pack and is ready to defeat the entity. As soon as Phoebe’s shot collides with Gozer’s lightning bolts, the original team gets a chance to catch their breath and join the character.

At this point, the group enlists the help of the ghost of Egon, who supports Phoebe’s arm and joins his old friends.

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When the proton shots destroy Gozer atom by atom, Trevor fires at the farm’s generator. Fully charged, the traps hidden below the farm begin to glow, and are activated by Callie.

As soon as the traps are opened, Gozer and the Dogs of Terror are pulled inside, finally ending the destructive threat.

With his work completed, Egon’s spirit begins to dissipate, but not before he reconciles with his old friends and says goodbye to his family.

What happens in the post-credits scenes of the new Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters: Much Beyond features two post-credits scenes, and one of them brings the return of one of the most iconic actresses in the franchise.

The first scene features Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver – reprising their role as Dana Barrett – conducting the same ESP experiment performed on Venkman in the character’s introduction to the 1984 film.

Incredibly, however, Venkman seems to have gained psychic powers, and can guess the cards with frightening accuracy.

Dana clearly knows Venkman more than the audience, and immediately realizes the character was marking the cards and cheating on the test. The character then punishes the cheat with an electric shock.

The second post-credits scene paves the way for the future of the Ghostbusters franchise. Next, Janice meets Zeddemore – now a wealthy businessman in the finance business.

The two reminisce about their Ghostbusters adventures, and Zeddemore claims he “will always be a ghost buster.”

At this point, the camera cuts to the former Ghostbusters headquarters, now abandoned and in ruins. The doors open, and suddenly, Zeddemore enters accompanied by Ecto-1.

The character looks out over the ruins, in a scene that makes it clear he has plans for his old business. To find out what those plans are, fans will have to check out the next installment of the franchise, which has no debut date yet.

Ghostbusters: Mais Além is on show in Brazilian cinemas.

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