Ghostbusters 2 (1989) | Recall the Classic Sequence – This time more geared towards children

Ghostbusters – Beyond premiered this weekend in movie theaters in Brazil and around the world. The film is a direct continuation of the beloved adventures of the 1980s and officially counts as the third and belated part planned to open after 1989, but which for three decades never left the paper. The entire original cast (well, the ones that are still alive) return for a much-anticipated (and delayed) passing of the baton. The focus of the new film is not the veterans we’ve come to love in these 37 years (now all in their late 70s), but rather the younger generation, hitchhiking in the style of film that was so popular in the 80s: adventures starring children and pre-teens. Stranger Things, Netflix’s extremely popular program, bathes in this fountain to achieve its success.

To get into the mood for the long-awaited new adventure that rescues not only the franchise in all its glory but also the spirit of the 80s, we’ve now decided to revisit the only direct continuation of the absolute classic back to 1989. So grab your proton backpack , gather the gang and get ready to go back to hunting ghosts for an incredibly nostalgic journey. Check it out below.

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Everyone, including the most ardent fans, cite a very noticeable decline in quality from this sequel compared to the beloved original 1984 film. The ghost hunters was a surprise summer hit in the mid-1980s, and with its blend of humor, adventure and horror it became Columbia Pictures Studio’s most profitable film and one of the most profitable films in motion picture history. The feature has secured its place in the pantheon of the most creative productions in cinema entertainment alongside giants such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones e Back to the future, for example. It was just a matter of time before the directors pulled a sequel out of the role.

Today, the phenomenon of Ghostbuster at the time it would be comparable to what we have with Marvel at the top of the Hollywood food chain. The real surprise was to see how the film about paranormal scientists became popular with children and teenagers, without the story being necessarily aimed at them. As said, the film has more intense and scary scenes, in addition to some jokes below the waistline (like when the character in Dan Aykroyd receives oral sex from a beautiful ghost). In other words, none of this (apart from the constant cigarettes that the characters smoke throughout the projection) would be contained in the screens if there were any hint that it would fall so heavily in the favors of the little ones.

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So, even before it becomes another movie with real actors on the big screen, The ghost hunters it dominated all kinds of merchandising aimed at its public, including an animated cartoon that premiered in 1986, two years after the film, and would last until 1991, with an equally wide-ranging popularity. With all of that, it was time to bring everyone involved with the original back into the second round on the big screen. However, a major impasse took hold behind the scenes and Ghostbusters 2 it almost leaves the paper, taking an absurd and harmful five years to debut (the normal thing is to take advantage of the success hype immediately). This was solely for the sake of always boy problem Bill Murray. It turns out that the actor was taking a sabbatical from acting and to make matters worse had started a feud with the then president of Columbia David puttman, a more adult cinema-oriented “art” guy who wasn’t much into blockbusters and had publicly badmouthed Murray. After Puttman’s resignation in 1987, Dawn Steel he took his chair as the studio’s president and made the continuation of his greatest success a priority. As early as 1988, Steel held several meetings to smooth things over with Murray and bring the second one to fruition. Ghostbuster.

Initially, Dan Aykroyd (the screenwriter again) had been thinking of a film with a more universal look, one that would climax all the way to Scotland. In the end, once again believing it to be an unfeasible proposition, the screenwriter decided to contain the narrative in New York, again making a film in the franchise very closely associated with the Big Apple. What we see on screen, however, is not the original script. Second Bill Murray revealed in a 2021 interview, he and the other actors would have signed on to make a film with another story. When the actor arrived on set and realized that everything had changed, he didn’t like it at all. However, they were already halfway through the recordings and so ended up embarking on the trip, trying to give their all so that the result came out as best as possible.

In the plot this time around, New York was apparently rid of all haunting and supernatural activity after the protagonists defeated the entity known as Gozer. However, the arrival of a mysterious painting in Dana’s new work (Sigourney Weaver) brings new disturbing events to the city. Weaver’s character has an interesting arc in this sequel. She changes jobs, leaves classical music and becomes a restorer of works of art at a museum, where she works under the supervision of her inconvenient boss, Dr. Poha (Peter MacNicol). Other than that, Dana now has a son, little Oscar. But he is not Peter’s son (Bill Murray), since the couple broke off their relationship in the five-year gap between the films, and Dana had time to meet someone else, have a child, and split up. The fact leaves the door open for a rapprochement of Murray and Weaver characters.

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The threat in the new film is twofold. The first, as said, is the mysterious figure contained in the painting. The image is of Vigo, a cruel witchcraft nobleman who has managed to transfer his demonic essence into the painting and who hopes to be reincarnated in the form of Dana’s baby. The inspiration for the figure of the subject comes from real personalities such as Vlad III the Impaler, and the russian Grigory Raputin. The second threat is a pinkish goo (in the mold of killer bubble) which is passing under the entire city through sewers and abandoned train lines. It turns out that this goo is the manifestation of the bad feelings of all the inhabitants of the place, at a time when the politically incorrect reigned and people treated each other like garbage and thought it was their right to have this “freedom”. Did a lot change? Also according to the first sketches of the script, the character Walter Peck (William Atherton), the human antagonist from the first film, would return in the sequel.

As said, the continuation of The ghost hunters it became much more “friendly” to the younger ones and, in a way, childish, since the studio saw great potential with its discovered audience: children. Thus, much of the look of ghosts, monsters and creatures contained in this sequel received a more “harmless” design, matching more with what is presented, for example, in the cartoon (which was still in the air) – as opposed to a more frightening look as in the original, of figures like the decrepit taxi driver or the ghost of the library, plus, of course, the gargoyle-demon dogs. But it wasn’t just the visual effects that needed to be “rethought” for the kids, other elements of Ghostbusters 2 were created thinking about mirroring more the atmosphere of TV animation. Like, for example, the look of secretary Janine (Annie Potts), completely reconfigured from the original to fit its two-dimensional counterpart. Other than that, the creature known as Slimer (Jelly), which would become the movie’s mascot, returned with more prominence this second time around – and gained a “buddy” personality in its interactions with Louis Tully (Rick Moranis).

And if the original film owes much of its existence to the success of the stickface brothers, the sequel would not pass up the tributes to the 1980 classic. If in the first one, the aforementioned green ghost was known as the “spirit of John Belushi”, in this sequence the court scene in which the Ghostbusters are being accused ends with the apparition of the infamous Scoleri brothers, two criminals convicted by the same judge, who return from the dead to exact revenge. The look of the duo was created with the protagonists of the stickface brothers as inspiration.

Ghostbusters 2, in the end, it was not well received, despite the excitement of children from a whole generation, including this friend who speaks to you – this being one of the first Hollywood films I saw on the big screen as a child. The debut of the sequel took place on June 16, 1989 in the USA, arriving in Brazil on December 14 of the same year. With a budget of $37 million, the film reclaimed Columbia for $112 million in US territory, and $215 million in total worldwide. On its debut weekend, without much competition for that date, Ghostbusters 2 climbed to the podium in the rankings in first position, playing blockbusters previously released in the corner, see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Society of Dead Poets e Star Trek V – The Last Frontier. However, the following week he would be hit by the phenomenon Batman, from Tim Burton, e dear I shrunk the children, another movie with Rick Moranis.

The disappointment the cast and filmmakers felt with the final result, added to the negative reception from critics and fans, would bury the franchise forever. Or almost. Over the course of nearly thirty years, countless efforts were made to pull out a third film with the original cast, but the pieces never seemed to be in place. To make matters worse, in 2014 the actor Harold Ramis, who plays the cerebral Egon (and is also the screenwriter) would later die. Two years after her death, the original idea would undergo a makeover, with a new film that would start the story from scratch and bring a team entirely made up of women. We’ll talk about this movie soon, but suffice it to say that it didn’t work. Now we have the possibility of new life being breathed into the franchise with the release of the latest copy. Ghostbusters – Beyond, whose result has been pleasing critics and fans, having made, it seems, a good pass, in front and behind the cameras – since the direction has Jason Reitman, son of the original director Ivan Reitman.

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