Getting nervous about Agatha: It happens anywhere. I mind that!

“It bothers me when Aguš is addressed by passing men. It happens anywhere. I mind that. Wakeboard coaches, waiters, especially football players. I hope that this is a fun part of our lives and that I don’t have to get too excited about it. Although the last party with football players, when a certain football player sat next to us and couldn’t take his eyes off Agáta… and I don’t know if she was provoking him or me,” Jaromír complained Purchase in the magazine Exkluziv. Otherwise, Agatha is still a badass.

An unexpected move by Agáta and Soukup:

“I was surprised that she’s almost as tall as me. I was surprised by how pretty she is, so I knew that, but I’m surprised by how pretty she is in the morning,” the TV entrepreneur admitted. And he has no shortage of compliments from the other side either. “I was surprised by how pretty he is. Really! I’m she never saw him live. I met him once before, but I don’t remember because I was a teenager,” she confided Hanychová.

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