Get trained in first aid for… mental health

Do you know how to react to choking? Stop bleeding? Rescue an unconscious person? If first aid gestures are well known to some French people, it is rarer to know how to intervene for the management of mental disorders.

However, one in five French people is affected by a mental disorder. Since 2018, the First Aid in Mental Health (PSSM) France association has existed. This Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program “enables train first aiders capable of better identifying mental health disorders, adopting appropriate behaviour, informing about the resources available, encouraging people to go to the appropriate professionals and, in the event of a crisis, acting to relay to the most adapted”.

The approach is different from training in first aid gestures since a “mental health first aider will often have to intervene several times to listen, reassure and accompany the person concerned towards treatment”.

Offering these training courses also aims to fight “against stigma”a powerful obstacle to access to care, recovery, social and professional inclusion”. These training courses are aimed at everyone, such as families with a member affected by a mental disorder, but also teachers, employers, etc. For more information or to register, it is possible to go directly to the dedicated website

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