“Get Rich” replaces “Fathers” on BTV

“Get Rich” replaces “Fathers” on BTV

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21 November 2021, 16:00

A new season of “Get Rich” replaces the series “Tatkovtsi” on BTV from December 20, the television announced. The show will be part of the festive program for Christmas and New Year. It will air on the site of the comedy series, whose first season ends shortly before Christmas.Fans of the four fathers and their noisy entourage from “Tatkovtsi” will have to part with them for a while, BTV employees explained to “Weekend”. However, they are adamant that the series does not fall out of the program, but simply provides a break between its first and second season. As our newspaper wrote some time ago, the production team has been working without a day off for months, and the only vacation that is provided in its program is for about a week between Christmas and New Year.The shooting will continue until May next year, a total of 120 episodes are expected to be created so far. So far, a little over 40 episodes have been broadcast, so “Tatkovtsi” will fill the BTV program for a long time. The TV station is adamant that the series will not be downloaded because it has a very high rating. However, exactly how long the break between the seasons will last and when it will return to the air has not been decided yet. It is very likely that this will happen during the new, spring TV season, which traditionally starts at the end of February and the beginning of March. However, it is possible to postpone. The issue is still under discussion.Meanwhile, the new season of “Get Rich” is ready to air. It will be on screen five days before Christmas and will continue to air after the New Year. It will run every weekday evening. The host, as it is known, is Mikhail Bilalov, also known as Jaro from the series “Undercover”. The actor also hosted the show during its broadcast on BNT. BTV broadcasts the form on the back of the competitive show “Family Wars” on Nova TV. At the same time – from 6 to 7 o’clock in the evening – news and journalism are broadcast on public television, which are not in direct competition with “Get Rich”. The show with questions from the National Television – “The Last Wins” with Orlin Goranov, starts at 7 pm – just when “Get Rich” ends.This year marks 20 years since the start of “Get Rich” in Bulgaria. The show started in Bulgaria in 2001 on Nova TV, and the host is Niki Kanchev. After several downloads and returns to the program, the television finally gave up the format in 2014. Four years later, the show was moved to BNT with a new host – Mihail Bilalov. However, the general director of the television – Emil Koshlukov, gave up the form after several broadcast seasons, as the explanation is that it is too expensive. “Get Rich” hits the screen in early 2020. Last summer, BTV announced that they had bought the form, keeping the host – Jaro, and the size of the grand prize – 100 thousand levs.





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