Get out the barbecues… and the water bottles: it’s going to be hot this weekend, here’s the weather forecast for the next three days

The weather will remain dry everywhere, with maximums of 16 or 17ºC on the Ardennes heights as well as on the coast, at 20 or 21ºC in the center, even up to 22ºC in the Campine. The wind will be moderate from the west inland, and quite strong from the southwest on the coast, with gusts of 40 km/h.

Friday – MRI

Tonight and tonight, the sky will be practically clear. The minima will be between 1 and 5ºC in the Ardennes (even around 0ºC in certain valleys), and between 5 and 9ºC elsewhere. The wind will weaken and gradually return to the southwest sector, or become variable over the south of the country.

To find out the weather in your town, it’s here

Saturday, the weather will be dry and sunny with some high sails and one or the other cumulus. Temperatures will reach values ​​of 20ºC in the upper Ardennes to 25ºC locally in the plain. On the coast, it will be cooler due to a sea breeze, with 17 or 18ºC. Inland, the light southwesterly wind will become variable. At the coast, it will veer north to northwest and become moderate.

Saturday – MRI

On Sunday, many high and medium clouds will fly over Belgium. During the day, a shower could develop in places. But especially in the evening and at night, the risk of local showers, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms, will increase. The maxima will be between 23 and 28ºC, under a generally moderate south-easterly wind.

Sunday – MRI

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