‘Get Out of My Office’: James Cameron chases staff out of room over ‘Avatar’

“Avatar” director James Cameron had thrown a studio manager out of his office before the film started because he didn’t want him to interfere.

Even before the theatrical release of “Avatar: The Way of Water” on December 14, 2022, it is clear that the science fiction film must be extremely successful in order to recoup the huge production costs. The recently announced theatrical release in China could make a decisive contribution. Whether the sequel will make it, the historic success of “Avatar – Departure for Pandora” to be surpassed remains to be seen.

In an interview with GQ has director JamesCameron looked back at the production of the first part and says that a few months before the start of “Avatar” he had an argument with a studio manager from the former Fox. Reason was that of the manager shorten the 162-minute film wanted to:

“I said something I’ve never said to anyone else in the business: ‘I think this movie is going to make a hell of a lot of money. And when he does, it will be too late for you to love the film. The time for you to love this movie is today. I’m not asking you to say anything you don’t mean, but you should know that no matter how good you think of the film in the future when it rakes in all the money, I’ll always remember it.”

The final trailer for the sci-fi sequel is here:

“Avatar 2” is even longer than the first part

Cameron was undoubtedly correct in his prediction. Because “Avatar” not only brought in a lot of money, but is still the most successful film of all time. In the conversation, the director goes on to say that he finally kicked the manager out of his office:

“And that’s exactly what I said. In capital letters ALL THE MONEY, not some money, all the damn money. I was like, ‘You can’t come back to me and praise the film and say, ‘Look what we did together.’ You won’t be able to do that.’ At this point the manager freaked out and made fun of me. And I told him to get out of my office. And it stayed that way.”

“Avatar: The Way of Water” will exceed the running time of the first part again. Because at three hours and ten minutes, the upcoming film is 30 minutes longer. The reason is that the director wanted to give the characters and their emotions more time than was the case in “Avatar”. If you want to watch the first film again before the film starts, you can do that on Disney+, for example.

How well do you know Pandora? Do the test:

Avatar Quiz: How Well Do You Know James Cameron’s Science Fiction Movie?

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