"Germany’s Next Topmodel": With alien robots in the desert

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
With alien robots in the desert

Anita on her cover shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar”.

© ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Two big challenges await in the 15th “GNTM” episode: the cover shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar” and a walk with a choreo dance.

“It’s always the moment everyone has been waiting for. It’s always the dream that comes true,” announces Heidi Klum (48) right at the beginning of the 15th episode of “Germany’s next top model” (Thursday, 8:15 p.m.). , ProSieben). Because now it’s getting serious. The shoot for the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar” is coming up, with all seven remaining contestants. As is well known, only one ends up at the kiosk.

The women are supposed to pose in the desert with alien robots at their side. Noëlla (25) is the first to do her job very well. Martina (50) impresses with her laughter, her daughter, the always calm Lou-Anne (19), gets special praise from Heidi: “It looks great.” Anita (21) can also convince. Only with Vivien (22) is the comment of editor-in-chief Kerstin Schneider: “It will be very difficult.”

Luca (20) has a hard time opening his eyes because of the sun, but he bravely fights back his tears. Everyone is also enthusiastic about Lieselotte – and finally Heidi unbuttons her beauty secret from the 66-year-old: “Birch cream! Birch cream is automatically preserved, you don’t have to put anything in it.” After the shoot, the editor-in-chief was also impressed: “I’m glad I don’t have to decide. Because they were all good.”

“It was hell for me”

Maybe the next challenge will help with the decision: the models must or may, it’s not quite clear yet, practice a dance with the choreographers of pop star Ava Max (26). When the teachers dance it for the first time, the choreo seems to never end. “I can’t remember that!” Lieselotte isn’t the only one to fear. “Terrible!”, says Martina. Only hobby dancer Vivien is happy about the task – for now.

After the first attempts, she also realizes that the choreo is “really difficult”. “The teaching was hell for me,” says Vivien, who also gets sick in the heat. When she runs into the house and chokes over the sink, the other girls continue with their exercises. “That’s when I realized that friendship and competition have to be separated here. The only person who took care of me was Lieselotte.”

The dancing walk, after all, takes place in outfits that are more latex than anything else. Or as Lieselotte puts it: “It’s like Beate Uhse.” Backstage, the mood is still a bit tense because Anita is under pressure again and demands her place in front of the mirror with a particularly annoyed face. But you know each other after 14 weeks together. Noëlla: “It’s nothing new that Anita sometimes bitches about the pressure… I just ignore it.”

Lieselotte does freestyle

Anita is then also the first who is “allowed” to audition. On the jury: Heidi Klum, editor-in-chief Kerstin Schneider and Ava Max, who of course knows her own choreography inside and out. Anita makes an effort to make the dance a little more elegant – which means that it comes across as a bit boring. The jury also found Noëlla to be a bit too stiff. Martina, on the other hand, “killed it” just like her daughter Lou-Anne with her innate coolness. With Luca, every step is perfect: “But someone practiced it,” Heidi marvels. And Lieselotte, on the other hand, does her own thing as always: “I took over a few moves from the first half, I thought up the second half myself.” When it’s over, Heidi is also happy: “Yes, you did it!” Surprisingly, dancer Vivien is the most disappointed, but no one tells her (yet).

Kerstin has to deliver the bad news: “Could she convince you?” Asks Heidi. “Unfortunately not. You always used the same expression,” criticizes the editor-in-chief. When she also gets criticism from Ava Max for her performance without “personality”, it is clear: Vivien will not make it to the semifinals.


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