German trailer for the most disturbing horror surprise: to be seen uncut in German cinemas in 2022

Fans of harder horror films can look forward to: In December, Art der Clown will hit German cinemas with “Terrifier 2” – uncut and only for adults!

In the USA, the horror slasher/splatter film took care of it “Terrifiers 2” already caused quite a stir: Despite an initially limited theatrical release, the independent horror film financed by crowdfunding and produced quite cheaply has been able to bring in a whopping 10 million US dollars to date. The sequel to the 2016 insider tip “Terrifier” impresses above all with Art the Clown as well as borderline and extremely bloody violence par excellence.

Director Damien Leone knew exactly why the crowdfunding campaign was so successful and what fans wanted to see – and that’s exactly what he gave them with “Terrifier 2”. The horror film is an increase in every respect, be it the depiction of violence, the amount of fake blood spilled, the scenery or the running time with an opulent 137 minutes. The result not only delighted the eyes of “Terrifier” fans, but also horrified mainstream audiences, who let themselves be lured into the cinemas unsuspectingly by the positive reviews and word of mouth that quickly spread; puking audience, fainting spells, rescue service calls – you name it! When it comes to disgusting (film) violence, “Terrifier 2” can hardly be topped. Now there is also a German trailer for the film:

It got to such proportions that local horror fans have expressed concern that US audiences are just being “too wimpy.” You can now convince yourself, dear horror fans, because the distributor Tiberius Film has actually managed to release “Terrifier 2”. uncut and rated 18+ to get through. So the horror film starts from the December 9, 2022 in German cinemas, but only in selected houses and only for a short time. Advance ticket sales start on November 24th.

The fact that “Terrifier 2” is actually allowed to come to the cinemas uncut is actually only a little surprising, because at the beginning of the year the Taiwanese horror film “The Sadness” was released in the cinemas completely uncut despite enormous peaks of violence and is currently even in the prime Subscription included.

And no, that has nothing to do with the fact that there are simply no “hard films” anymore. It’s just that viewing habits are constantly changing. What films and video games are released today with a FSK:18/USK:18 or even with a release from the age of 16 would have been unthinkable tens of years ago. A good example is Sam Raimi’s cult horror Dance of the Devils, which was first indexed in 1984 and then federally seized. It was not until 2016, 32 years later, that the confiscation was lifted and, after a re-examination, the film was even given an age rating of 16 and over. So if you want to know which horror highlights from 2022 you shouldn’t miss, then take a look at our Video.

“Terrifier 2”: “Mega-Slasher” disgusts “old school”

Puking, fainting audience triggering an ambulance call? There couldn’t be any better advertising for horror films, could it? Yet! And in the form of recognition from true horror experts. The “Terrifier 2” team was able to look forward to extremely positive mini reviews from two influential masters of terror: Stephen King and Mike Flanagan. King needs no introduction, Flanagan is the creator of the Netflix series Haunted Hill House, Haunted Bly Manor, Midnight Mass and the mystery thriller Stephen King’s Doctor Sleeps Awakening.

King initially expressed interest in “Terrifier 2” and tweeted after seeing the cinema that the film would “disgust audiences in an “old school” way. Flanagan, on the other hand, gave the whole team a huge compliment:

“Terrifier 2 is wild. Very ambitious and deeply disturbing. Unleashed practical effects. Lauren LaVera is amazing and Art the Clown is downright ghastly. Seems to have invented a new subgenre: the mega slasher. Big respect to everyone involved.”

So, you brave ones: Secure your tickets quickly and then it’s time to keep your eyes open!

You want to end your cinematic life in a horror work? Then build one up using the sandbox principle and we’ll show you how the light is blown out for you:

Build your own horror movie and we’ll tell you how you’ll die in it!

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