German MEP rejoices at Sassoli’s death: "Finally that bastard is gone"

Rome, January 12, 2022 – “Finally that bastard is gone“. There is never an end to the worst. And yesterday’s no vax madness was not enough: today, Nicolaus feast, MEP of the Afd, the German far-right formation, rejoiced at the death of the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. In an internal party chat he would have insulted the journalist without mincing words, calling him “an undemocrat, a shame for any parliamentary idea. ”The messages would have been screenshots by the German broadcaster Ard, which reported the news.

Sassoli, from TG1 to the European Parliament / State funeral on Friday

Immediately dismayed and outraged by many, including the party leader, Jorg Meuthen, who distanced himself from the horrific statements. “Such a claim about a colleague who has just died after a serious illness – he said – is unsettling, deeply repugnant and unforgivable “. Yesterday Meuthen expressed” our most sincere condolences to his family and friends “underlining how Sassoli was, beyond the political component, a just president of Parliament and a pleasant person for his approach human”.

Sassoli, the human impact of great values ​​- by De Robertis

Indignation is growing among German MEPs. From what we learn, the Vice-President of the European Parliament also intervened, Katarina Barley, exponent of the German Social Democratic Party (SpD), who defined Sassoli as a president of the assembly “respected and esteemed beyond party divisions, also because he did not tolerate right-wing extremism and hatred of the European Parliament.” is “indicative of the author and his contempt for human beings, against which Sassoli has always been resolute “.

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Even in Italy, dismay is growing. But, as we said, there is no limit to the worst. And today the businessman from Carrara Nicola Franzoni, exponent of the galaxy no vax, yesterday denounced for insult to the insulti to the memory of David Sassoli, does not go back on the steps: “I don’t regret it, on the contrary I’m proud of it – replica -. Vaccines should be known to be deadly. And people don’t have to get vaccinated. “

Franzoni, who described himself as the “political secretary of the Liberation Front”, speaking with the Adnkronos declared that he was “calm” in the face of the complaints against him. “In addition to my trusted lawyer – he said I have been contacted by 47 criminal lawyers who offered me the free legal aid. With this staff of lawyers I will defend myself in the event that the announced complaint should turn into an investigation. I believe that I have not committed any crime of insulting Sassoli “.

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