"German Crime Story: Tied up": Shooting of new Amazon series starts

“German Crime Story: Tied Up”
Start of shooting of new Amazon series

“German Crime Story: Tied Up”: Oliver Masucci, Florian Schwarz, Angelina Häntsch, Dietmar Güntsche and Sylvester Groth (from left).

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© Neue Cinema/ Hendrik Heiden

The shooting of the German true crime series “German Crime Story: Gefesselt” has started. The episodes will be available from autumn 2022.

With the true crime drama “German Crime Story: Gefesselt”, Amazon has announced a new German in-house production for autumn 2022. The six-part series, which is based on real events and is produced by Neue Bioskop Television, can then be seen exclusively on the Prime Video streaming service. Filming has already started, according to a press release.

The scripts are penned by Michael Proehl, Dirk Morgenstern, Max Eipp, Mark Monheim and Dinah Marte Golch. The plot is based on the true criminal case of the so-called “acid barrel murderer”, one of the most notorious serial killers in Germany, who cruelly tortured and murdered women in the 80s and 90s.

That’s the cast

Actor Oliver Masucci (52) and “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” star Angelina Häntsch (37) will take on the leading roles. The cast also includes Sylvester Groth (63), Wolf Danny Homann (31), Valentina Sauca (53), Thomas Lawinky (57), Nikola Kastner (38), Ulrike Willenbacher (66), Bernhard Conrad (40) and Christian Beermann ( 47). Florian Schwarz (47) is directing the film, and Dietmar Güntsche (53) is the producer.


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