Gérard Lenorman balances on this "cursed song" with Serge Lama and Vianney who started it all!

Gérard Lenorman is a perfectionist. In 10 years, the artist has recorded 11 new titles. Melancholic pieces with delicious melodies. Far from having abandoned his audience, the 76-year-old singer wanted to offer a work worthy of the name to his admirers. He is back today with a brand new album entitled “The taste of happiness”. Recently invited to 8/9, the star then confided in the process of creating his latest album. “I’ve made a lot of records and I’m getting more and more picky and so I need time,” explains the French singer-songwriter and performer. Released last October, Gérard Lenorman’s 18th album is a real “pearl”. Don’t worry, it’s not the last.

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“There is a time when I will have to stop, but I can’t know what I will do. I never know. But I know that often, there is a click that brings a succession of other titles and then I say to myself why not (make an album again). “Good news for his fans who seem conquered by the new songs of the artist. Among them, a collaboration with Vianney. “I adored this big boy with eyes that reminded me of those of my time, ready to offer himself to the world and to share melodies, words. He has a gift, a monstrous talent. It was love at first sight and since then we have had very strong ties, ”said the interpreter of the title “The ballad of happy people”.

His meeting with Vianney turned the singer’s life upside down. “Everything he presented to me was magic and every time I said yes of course. Meetings like this are rare enough to be delighted. “But if the Palois made a strong impression on the Bénouvillais, he is not the only one to have collaborated with the star. Serge Lama also played an essential role in the creation of this album. Besides, the title Maman is a song of which he is very proud. “A cursed song, but which has become a real love song”.

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