Geralt or Emhyr? The Witcher has already indicated who Ciri will choose

Warning, contains spoilers for The Witcher!

The second season of The Witcher, series from Netflixshowed that Emhyr, Ciri’s father, is alive and now uses the alias of The White Flame.

The character, who is played by Bart Edwards, is desperate to be reunited with his daughter, and from that premise, we can expect The Witcher season 3 to showcase his quest.

However, the series seems to have already made it obvious which Ciri’s choice will be: will she choose her biological father, Emhyr, or Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), the father figure she has been living with?

The website Screen Rant explains that in Season 2 Episode 8, Family, Ciri was possessed by Voleth Meir, and during that time, she was trapped in a vision of the false version of her father, which said “you belong with us”, while Geralt can be heard over the air. background saying “we belong together”, leaving Ciri with the mission to choose.

And, at least in that episode, she decided to go back to Geralt instead of staying with her parents, and it looks like she’ll make that decision one more time.

The new season will also delve into Emhyr’s story and should show “why exactly he wants his daughter back so badly,” according to showrunner Lauren S Hissrich at The Witcher Unlocked event.

There is still no release date for The Witcher season 3.

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