Géraldine Nakache: On the verge of giving up a film role because of this Italian star who gave her a real nightmare!

Almost eight years ago the film was released The ex of my life ! A realization signed Dorothée Sebbagh with in the first role, Géraldine Nakache. The 42-year-old actress played the role of“Ariane, a violinist, who accepts the marriage proposal of Christen, conductor. The problem is that she is still married! It takes three years to divorce in Italy. She then convinces Nino, an Italian teacher, of the accompany them to Paris to get divorced in 8 days flat. But their stay in Paris does not go quite as planned…”

A comedy that will have left sacred memories to the sparkling actress. On the account Facebook Amuse-Bouche, she revealed the underside of the shooting. Especially when Kim Rossi Stuart, his on-screen partner threw his script violently across the room as he performed a first reading with the director… “At that moment I say to myself: it’s not good!” she remembered. If the idea of ​​leaving the project crossed her mind, her agent quickly warned her. “If you withdraw, you have to pay a penalty to the production”.

She also recounted having spent “a shoot with an irascible actor”. “A real clicheton Italian!”The great friend of Leïla Bekhti has also confided that she could not kiss him “I cannot physically, physiologically even, chemically kiss him”, she had said to her director.

Moreover, the attitude of Kim Rossi Stuart annoyed everyone on the set, including the cinematographer of the film, who was on the brink of attacking him physically. “The whole team stopped him, because hey, we have to finish the film…”.

As a result of the races, many negative reviews fell on this achievement. Which did not prevent Géraldine from continuing her fine career.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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